Why having a Certified Water Tank is important

Why choose QTank?

QTank is one of the few water tank manufacturers nationally that guarantee you a certified water tank and independently audited to the Australian Water Tank Standard. AS4766:2006

Being a Certified manufacturer, QTank are independently audited to ensure their manufacturing processes and material suppliers all comply with the standards required which ensures a very transparent and traceable quality process. We actually do what we say we do.

As part of Q Tank's comprehensive quality assurance process, each and every water tank that leaves our facility is subjected to an intensive testing regime. This includes ultra-sonic scanning and scientific impact testing. All tanks are supplied with a full written “Quality Test Report” and test results.

We are unaware of any other water tank manufacturer that matches our Quality Assurance processes.

Don’t compromise, ensure your tank supplier meets all critieria!!


  • Radius of tank base must be minimum of 25mm for diameter of 1.8m, tanks over 1.8m diameter radius must be minimum 38mm
  • Installation guide must be supplied with every tank
  • Tank serial number to be marked on every tank


  • FEA reports of approved mould design for structural strength
  • Ultrasonic thickness test results - should not be less than 4.5mm thick, or as per FEA requirements
  • Impact Test Results
  • Polyethylene material used is certified to AS4020 (drinking water) & AS2070 (food grade)

Certified polyethylene used by QTank is 100% safe for drinking water, we only use material that has been properly tested to strict Australian standards.