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REEFE RM4000-3 PRJ65E Series External Rain Mains System

The RainPro® RM4000-3 system is designed for speed of installation – no cables, no float, no solenoid, no electronic controls. The simplicity of this system has the added benefit of making it very affordable. The RM4000-3 restricts flow of mains supply while rain water is being pumped to help conserve water. This system is suited for applications supplying laundry and toilets, and is also suitable for cabins or small houses with one bathroom. For larger whole house supply, we recommend to use the RM5000-5. This system is not suitable for suction lift, use the RM5000-3 submersible version for underground tanks.

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Power600 Watt

Max Head35m

Max Flow Rate55 Litres

Inlet Size1 inch

Outlet Size1 inch


$714 each